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Women of Egypt; Sophistication  14 April 2012

Sophistication of Egyptian women is and will always be of great influence to our sense of style, from Queen Nefertiti, Leila, Cleopatra and other ancient leading symbols. Who are known for their bold moves with their aesthetic touch to their own choice of dress, helping them occupy their own category in the world of modern fashion as the “ Egyptian Look”. And believe it or not, women of ancient Egypt are a major reference to our choice of accessories, make-up and clothing nowadays. 

However, what most stylists and designers have been doing is recalling what the past used to hold of beauty and uniqueness, specially that of Egypt. Women of sexy curves and attractive body types are a great opportunity for “Mystic” to browse its Mediterranean loose and flowing gowns onto their figure.

Since summer is coming up, we would love to make sure that you be set on the right track when it comes to your haute couture choice. We have got you covered with a variety of long dresses, hot short dresses, prom, party, cocktail and evening gowns. Multiplying your possibilities of finding that perfect dress and rescuing you from wasting your time in vain. This summer, dare to be bold, lighten yourself with your dresses and costumes, gather up your beauty gear, don’t be afraid of shiny and glittery layers adding to your confidence much.

Meanwhile, we assure you that it is going to be one enjoyable visit to our website! Enjoy